Electionville in Ukraine

Welcome to Electionville, where the intricate play of democracy comes to life in an interactive and educational floor game, now proudly conversing in Ukrainian. The game’s journey has taken a significant leap forward, as we have held workshops across Kyiv and in smaller towns such as Trostaniets in the northeast as well as in Stockholm. Throughout these events, we have been tailoring Electionville’s content to resonate with Ukraine’s legal structure and society.

Electionville isn’t just any fictional city. It’s a realm where players step into the roles of county council members, embarking on a mission filled with challenges and learning. The game is a blend of fun and engagement, designed with a noble goal: to enlighten participants about the inner workings of democracy.

Next Stop: Ukraine

At Fabel, we’re driven by a vision—games as catalysts for positive change. We’re not just game creators; we’re educators, bridging cultures and fostering a profound understanding of local governance. How do games achieve this? By nurturing new knowledge, broadening perspectives, and forging emotional connections.

As Electionville prepares to welcome Ukrainian citizens, we’re reminded of the power of play in education. It’s a testament to our commitment to create a context where learning and democracy go hand in hand, fostering informed and engaged citizens.

This venture is carried out by The Ukrainian Library Association, The Latvian branch of the European Movement International, and us here at Fabel in Sweden. We are united in our quest to create a game that’s not only entertaining but a strong learning experience.

Let the game of democracy begin!

The project is supported by Prosperous Future, from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The youth council of rather small rural town of Trostianets in north eastern Ukraine tries out the game.
Workshop on game content with young Ukrainians living in Stockholm
Workshop at a library in Kyiv where we focused on adopting random political events in the game inorder for them to be suitable for a Ukrainian reality

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