The Labyrinth of Democracy

The Labyrinth of Democracy, initially developed for Sweden’s centennial celebration of universal suffrage from 2019 to 2021, has since been translated and adapted to various languages and political contexts while maintaining its fundamental essence.

The method engages participants in exploring the diverse facets of democracy, emphasizing the need for public involvement. The Labyrinth acknowledges that individuals possess varying strengths and passions. Through a series of questions, participants might discover their path toward joining a non-governmental organization, studying political science, or even serving on a jury. It offers a range of activities, some long-term and others short-term, with varying levels of experience required.

The Labyrinth of Democracy is versatile in its presentation. It can be displayed as a poster in classrooms, illustrating the multifaceted nature of democracy. Alternatively, it can be transformed into a large-scale, interactive labyrinth for events, allowing users to engage directly with experienced individuals related to their suggested paths.

Additionally, the Labyrinth is available as a digital tool, you can try the Latvian version of the digital democracy labyrinth here.


Visitors at the Lampa festival of democracy are testing the tool. The question is, will dogs get the right to vote soon?

Classroom-type installation of the tool. In this case as a huge sticker covering a whole door

Interface to the digital version of the tool


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